Sharing is the essence of Music



From Paris to New York, we need, all around the world, musicians to communicate their passion and enthusiasm. Even more so to children who are in need or simply don’t have the privilege to start their lives and education in a fair social and economic environment.

Children deserve to be reached out to in every community and shown that classical music is accessible to them, too.

I provide on the harp many forms of outreach actions: from fund-raising performances for organizations and full school programs developed with the teachers following educational lines, to an introduction workshop’s performance or the creation of musical accompaniment for story-telling.

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I believe in giving back and sharing with my students the high standards and knowledge I received from great harp pedagogues such as Nancy Allen, Mariko Anraku, Deborah Hoffman, Susan Jolles, Germaine Lorenzini, and Isabelle Moretti,

I teach the Lorenzini/Moretti technique, developing sound and velocity in an injury-free way. My teaching is based on developing an accurate technique – giving to the student the tools to express and develop his/her musicianship – through communicating passion and generosity.

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